Focus on Tanzania

Personnel of UMCA (now part of USPG) first arrived in Zanzibar (now part of Tanzania) in 1863. Today, we continue to support the church in Tanzania as it reaches out to communities with God's love.

Capital: Dodoma

Languages: Kiswahili or Swahili (official), English (primary language for commerce, administration and higher education), Arabic (spoken widely in Zanzibar), and
many local languages

Religion: Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, Indigenous 35%.

Export: Gold, coffee, cashew nuts, manufactures, cotton.



In Tanzania, we are supporting health work and training for church leaders

We are supporting a range of health programmes in Tanzania, including providing support for the development of the Anglican Church of Tanzania’s strategic health plan, which includes the provision of training for health co-ordinators.

In Chamwino District, Dodoma Region, we support PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV).

This programme has a number of key aims:

The Chamwino programme aims to promote the use of mobile phone technology to increase access and uptake of services.

Training in leadership development

A programme is underway that is seeking to provide specialist training in development skills for lay and ordained Anglican church leaders.

Retreat centres

USPG has been supporting a special project to build spiritual retreat centres in the Dioceses of South West Tanganyika, Ruvuma and Southern Highlands.

The centres, one in each diocese, are currently under construction, with existing buildings are being renovated in some cases.

They will enable the dioceses to provide a meeting space for church groups, such as the Mothers' Union, clergy and youth.

Also, when not in use by the church, the retreat centres can be hired out as a meeting space for NGOs and local government, which will provide an income for the dioceses and employment opportunities for the local communities.

Support for Anglican health facilities

USPG has a historic link dating back decades to a number of hospitals, clinics and health facilities in Tanzania.

We provide ongoing support for the following institutions:

Kwamkono Disabled Children Centre (formerly Kwamkono Polio Hostel): On the same compound as St Francis’ Hospital, the centre has been working with children with polio and other disabilities since 1962.

St Anne’s Hospital, Liuli: This hospital is the main source of healthcare for approximately 100,000 people living around Lake Nyasa. Malaria is the most common illness, with significant increases in numbers of patients during the rainy seasons in February and October.

St Luke’s Hospital, Milo: This 50-bed hospital serves a population of 49,000. Local communities are closely involved, with local chiefs having places on the management board. St Luke’s co-ordinates an extensive primary healthcare network, including a programme of immunisation.


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The Rt Revd Saw Stylo, Bishop of Hpa-an


‘My main concern is to see human potential realised, to see a person blossom.’

The Rt Revd Saw Stylo, Bishop of Hpa-an


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