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USPG has a long and cherished relationship with the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

You can learn about the programmes USPG supports in Tanzania in the pages throughout this section.

The ACT took part in USPG's 2021 Communion Day of Prayer. Watch their contribution below.

Health Strengthening/Preventing Mother to Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT)

USPG has supported the Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT) in its preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) programme since it began in 2014.

Kwamkono Disabled Children's Centre - Tanga Diocese

Formerly known as the Kwamkono Polio Hostel, the Kwamkkono Disabled Children's Centre provides a home for children with physical disabilities, and funds their education and rehabilitation.

St Anne's Hospital

St Anne's Hospital is based in Liuli, a settlement on the shore of Lake Malawi in Tanzania's Mbinga District and the Ruvuma Diocese of the Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT).

St Luke's Hospital

St Luke's is a mission hospital run by the South West Tanganyika Diocese of the Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT). It is also commonly known as Milo Hospital after the village where it is based, which is situated in Ludewa District in the Njombe Region of southwestern Tanzania.

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