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Church of North India

Church of North India - Anti-Human Trafficking Programme

CNI's Diocese of Durgapur launched its Anti-Human Trafficking Programme in 2011. The Durgapur Diocese, being located close to the border with Bangladesh, has been witness to the devastation and pain caused by the flesh trade.

Church of North India - Community Approach for Rural Development

Community Approach for Rural Development (CAFORD) is a programme that seeks to improve public health via community-based initiatives and a hospital referral service.

Church of North India - Delhi Brotherhood Society Women's Helpline

The CNI women's helpline was launched in 2014, but the CNI's Delhi Brotherhood Society (DBS) had been supporting women experiencing abuse for over 20 years prior to establishing this.

Church of North India - Synodical Board of Social Services (SBSS)

The Synodical Board of Social Services (SBSS) is the development and justice board of the Church of North India. The ˜Let My People Go' programme was established by the SBSS to combat the systemic injustices from which marginalised communities in India suffer.

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