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USPG has a long and cherished relationship with the Church of Bangladesh.

You can learn about the programmes USPG supports in Bangladesh in the pages throughout this section.

The Church of Bangladesh also took part in USPG's 2021 Communion Day of Prayer. Watch their contribution below.

Strategy Implementation and Programme Support

USPG supports the strategy implementation programme serving the three dioceses that make up the Church of Bangladesh: the Diocese of Dhaka, the Diocese of Kushtia and the Diocese of Barisal.

Swarupantor Community Livelihoods

Launched in 2012, the Swarupantor programme takes its inspiration from Africa. The Swahili word 'Umoja' means 'unity', and it signifies a process of transformation that brings with it self-respect, self-reliance and positive change.

The Christian Mission Hospital, Rajshahi

The Christian Mission Hospital was established in Rajshahi in 1926 and has dutifully cared for marginalised people living in the greater Rajshahi area ever since. USPG has supported this hospital for several decades.

The Church of Bangladesh : Bollobhpur Hospital

Bollobhpur Hospital is a small 65-bed village hospital situated in an undeveloped border area of Bangladesh. It caters for the health needs of people living in the heavily populated villages stretching to the border with India three miles away.

The Church of Bangladesh : Jobarpar Community Health Programme

The Jobarpar community health programme is part of Shalom: a development project the Church of Bangladesh launched in 1983 with the aim of eradicating poverty, hunger and slavery. USPG has been supporting this project for several years.

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