Central Africa

Bishop Gaul College
Since its founding in 1986, Bishop Gaul College has produced over 100 priests and many bishops for the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA). USPG has been a supporter of Bishop Gaul College for many years.
Open Bishop Gaul College

HIV Stigma Reduction Programme
This programme was launched by Anglican churches in Zimbabwe as a means of tackling the stigma surrounding HIV, welcoming people who have disclosed their status and offering them practical suport.
Open HIV Stigma Reduction Programme

Leadership and Capacity Strengthening
USPG has supported the Anglican Church Malawi’s (ACM) leadership and capacity strengthening programme since its launch in 2017.
Open Leadership and Capacity Strengthening

Malawi Integrated Programme
This is a programme that has contributed to improving the living standards of vulnerable households across the four dioceses of the Anglican Church of Malawi (ACM): Northern Malawi, Lake Malawi, Upper Shire and Southern Malawi. USPG has been supporting this programme since 2015.
Open Malawi Integrated Programme

Mission Hospitals
Providing healthcare is a key aspect the Anglican Church of Malawi’s mission. Three mission hospitals are at the forefront of this important work: St Luke’s in the Diocese of Upper Shire, St Anne’s in the Diocese of Lake Malawi and St Peter’s in the Diocese of North Malawi. USPG has supported the running costs of these hospitals for many decades.
Open Mission Hospitals

The Church of the Province of Central Africa : Gender Justice Project, Zambia
The Church in Zambia launched this four-year programme with USPG’s support in 2016 and it had been involved in combating gender-based violence since 2012. The programme is based in the diocese of Luapula in the north of Zambia and focuses on three towns in this diocese: Senama and Mulala in Mansa District, and Chipili in Chipili District.
Open The Church of the Province of Central Africa : Gender Justice Project, Zambia