Trinidad and Tobago
USPG has a relationship with Trinidad and Tobago through its partnership with the Church of the Province of the West Indies.
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United States of America
The Episcopal Church includes 111 dioceses and regional areas in the United States and 16 other nations in Asia, Latin America, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Europe. Anglican worship in North America dates back to the 16th century. USPG was prominent in early missionary work as the Church grew.
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The Church in Wales was formed in 1920 following disestablishment from the Church of England. It has six dioceses and is the largest denomination in Wales.
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West Africa
The Church of the Province of West Africa was first established in 1951 but has seen several changes since. It is now divided into the Internal Province of Ghana and the Internal Province of West Africa. The latter includes dioceses from seven other countries - Cameroon, Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Senegal and Sierra Leone.
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