USPG set to launch new global forum of scholars engaged in theological research

First published on: 17th February 2023


“Feast is an open table, a space of mutual challenge and sharing through which a new community of Anglican scholars engaged in the academic pursuit of theology can be built.”

Revd. Canon Dr Peniel Rajukumar. USPG Global Theologian 


We are delighted to announce that as part of our continuing commitment to stimulate, support and strengthen theological engagement across the Anglican Communion, on the 23rd of February 2023 we will be launching a global forum of scholars who are engaged in theological research and education. This will be called the Fellowship of Anglican Scholars of Theology – FeAST! 

FeAST will seek to:

  • be a fellowship that will facilitate encounters between Anglican scholars, as well as exchange of current theological thinking and research, and 
  • to serve as an instrument for building up Anglican scholars and scholarship marked by creativity , critical-edge and courage. 

Global Anglicanism holds boundless theological wealth, much of which is often not sufficiently shared across (and beyond) the Anglican Communion. There are several reasons for this, some of which include lack of access to and opportunity for networking, academic publishing, and participation in global academic forums. These obstacles, stem from and in turn sustain, historical imbalances in global theological scholarship which has for long privileged and accorded normative status to theologies and theological methods which have a Eurocentric bias.

Conscious of these challenges we will aim to address them, therefore FeAST’s focus will be on:

  • Building a stable and self-sustaining platform for discussion and dissemination of current research. 
  • Forging ‘academic solidarities’ by establishing an intergenerational and international platform of mutual mentoring and support that is intentional about overcoming the ‘opportunities divide’ that affects theological scholarship.  
  • Opening opportunities for the sharing of other resources – student and faculty exchange, visiting lectureships, sabbatical opportunities, curricula, research skills and possibilities for collaboration.

Our ultimate aim for the global forum is to resource the Anglican Communion in the vocation of theological research and education. Our ethos will be one of mutual learning where we build each other up in the vocation of ‘doing theology’.


If this is something you wish to be involved in or want to find out more about we invite you to join our online launch event which will take place on 23rd February 2023 at 12.00pm noon (GMT

To sign up please email – or please share with anyone you know who might be interested!


"I am delighted to see the launch of FEAST. This is a fantastic initiative with the potential to transform the life of the Anglican Communion."

“Our Christian life is renewed by the Spirit moving freely in the Church that we may respond more fully in service to a hurting world, whose people ache for justice and peace, liberation and compassion. That renewal involves a transforming of our imaginations; a deepening of our theologies. I warmly welcome this Fellowship - bringing together young Anglican Scholars across God’s world for creative and critical theological engagement, mutual learning and encouragement."

"The Church is at its most fruitful when it is a joyful, learning community grounded in love of one another with Christ at the heart. May its cup overflow into the life of the Commmunion.”

Rev’d Dr Duncan Dormor, General Secrectary USPG