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Triangle of Hope: 3 dioceses. 3 continents. 3 years.

First published on: 3rd August 2023

Triangle of Hope is a project co-ordinated by the Diocese of Liverpool (UK), Kumasi (Ghana), and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (USA). The three participating dioceses were historically involved in the triangular, transatlantic slave trade. In response, the project aims to "[transform] the long history, ongoing effects and continuing presence of slavery in our world through repentance, reconciliation and mission´┐╝".

On Tuesday 25th July, USPG welcomed the Triangle of Hope's Youth Pilgrimage to celebrate the official start of their journey. 

The pilgrims, 35 young people from the three participating dioceses, began the day in Canterbury to meet with Archbishop Justin Welby. Later, at the USPG office, Rev’d Canon Dr Peniel Rajkumar, Theologian & Director of Global Mission, praised the Triangle of Hope’s wholehearted commitment to advocate for justice and freedom – adding how it's a tangible outworking of USPG’s values and God's calling. 

When asked "what motivated you to take part?”, responses included: 

“When I started looking at this, I realised there’s so much of history that I don’t know. Hearing from people is an important thing.” 

“The reason why we’re all here gathered is so that we don’t forget history. Even though it was bad, there is good we can learn from it. We can do better, and we can work to prevent that happening again.” 

The opportunity to travel was also mentioned as an exciting, albeit initially daunting, aspect of the programme for the students. Their accompanying leaders, both clergy and laity, cite being surrounded by young people who want to face the unpleasantries of history, and work for a better future, as life-giving. 

The pilgrims will go on to complete a ten-day study programme in Liverpool: visiting churches, exploring the city and connecting with one another. Next year, the group will visit Virginia before completing the 3-year programme in Kumasi, Ghana. 

We pray and wish the pilgrims well on this profound and transformative journey. 

Pictured: students from Kumasi, Ghana (top left), from Liverpool, UK (top right) and Father Kessie and Albert from the Diocese of Kumasi with Venetia Asare (USPG Regional Programme Co-ordinator for the Americas and Africa).


Further resources: 

An interview with Triangle of Hope on BBC Radio Merseyside: (starts from the 2:08:57 mark) 

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