The Church of Ceylon: Sharing God’s love during Sri Lanka crisis

First published on: 22nd July 2022

Right now, the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is undergoing its worst economic crisis in decades, with almost 5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. There are widespread energy and electricity shortages in the country, a continued scarcity of basic supplies like food and medicine, and protests spilling over from the streets into government buildings and even the presidential residence.

Alongside the Church of Ceylon’s calls for political reform and regime change, our brothers and sisters in churches across Sri Lanka are focused on sharing God’s love by providing essential goods to struggling communities.

The Rev’d Davidson Solanki, USPG’s Regional Manager for Asia and the Middle East, says ‘In a time of such great difficulty for the people of Sri Lanka, the Church of Ceylon is on the frontline - working tirelessly to serve communities in need with practical acts of kindness. We ask for your prayers for our partners in the Church of Ceylon and for the people of Sri Lanka.’

In particular, the Diocese of Colombo is providing life-saving ration packs and cash grants to 250 extremely vulnerable and marginalised families from the tea plantation communities in Sri Lanka. They are also helping 1,000 children, providing nutritional supplement packages and educational support to ensure they continue education in school.

Will you partner with the Diocese of Colombo, Church of Ceylon to urgently respond to this crisis?

  • Every £6 you donate will pay for a child to receive nutritional and educational support.
  • Every £12 you donate will provide a life-saving ration pack for a family.

Please support our partner the Diocese of Colombo, Church of Ceylon and vulnerable people in their local communities in Sri Lanka. Donate today at

Tea plantation in the Diocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka