Set my People Free - USPG International Consultation in Tanzania

First published on: 27th January 2023

Set my People Free: The Call of the Church against Human Trafficking – USPG travels to Tanzania for their International Consultation.

Primates and representatives from across the Anglican Communion will travel this weekend to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to attend USPG’s International Consultation on the global issue of Human Trafficking. USPG believes that it is crucial for the Church to unite in a global response to bring about an end to the abhorrent practice. We believe that if we work together as a communion of churches we can make a real difference – helping to transform lives, families and communities, giving back agency, autonomy, self-worth, freedom and prosperity to peoples’ lives.

The consultation will seek to provide an opportunity for senior leaders in the Anglican Communion to reflect on contemporary human trafficking through the voices and experiences of those working to tackle human trafficking and the powerful testimonies of survivors. They will explore its many dimensions and nuances within different continent and country contexts. At the end of our time together, the group will be invited to make a commitment on the way forward, which USPG will look to support and facilitate. 

The consultation will also provide opportunity for the representatives from provinces to come together in prayer and fellowship, deepening relationships with one another as well as USPG. 

Duncan Dormor, General Secretary of USPG said,

“We are grateful that so many representatives from across the Anglican Communion have recognised the importance of this issue and are resolved to ensure that the Church is responding in the appropriate way.”

Over the course of the week, we will listen to those who work to address the issues involved, often in extremely complex and dangerous situations; we will listen to one another and share the experiences of our churches; and we will commit ourselves to working together across God’s world to address human trafficking. We will speak out, work with Government and other agencies, develop networks to share best practice and produce resources to support the churches. We are looking forward to this productive time and for the fellowship that it will bring.”

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As delegates travel from around the world, please pray for their safe arrival and that they are rested and restored before our time together.