Reunion & Celebration Day 2023

First published on: 13th October 2023

On Saturday 23rd September a selection of USPG current and former staff, trustees, supporters and former mission companions joined together for our annual reunion and celebration which took place at Holy Trinity Sloane Square. 

The time of fellowship began with a Eucharist. followed by a sermon from USPG trustee, the Rev’d Dr Carlton Turner. His sermon focused on Luke 19:1-10 exploring the themes of ‘Reparations and Salvation: Zacchaeus a Model of Discipleship’. He reflected on how the story of Zacchaeus is: 

“a story of the deep longing of God for his people – that being part of the Jesus movement requires the deepest encounter with our history, our identity, and who we dare to be moving forward”. 

And through greater exploration of Scripture we can see how: 

“…There is salvation for Zacchaeus after he pledged to give half of his wealth away, and pay back four times to those he defrauded. It was only then that Jesus declares salvation upon him. Salvation and Repentance go together. Salvation and Restitution go together. Salvation and Reparations go together.” 

This was spiritual food for thought as after the service Duncan presented to those gathered about USPG’s recent announcement of the Renewal and Reconciliation: The Codrington Reparations Project (Link). He also provided an update on USPG’s work over the past year. 

The event, once again, gave attendees a time of fellowship and friendship together, sharing memories and experiences together as well as a chance to reconnect.