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Anti-Slavery Day 2023

First published on: 18th October 2023

Today, 18th October 2023, USPG join with organisations, churches, and individuals around the world as we mark Anti-Slavery Day. The day is a collective effort to ignite change, spread awareness, and empower individuals and organisations to join the battle against human trafficking, exploitation, and slavery in all its forms.

USPG is engaged in the fight against modern-day slavery and human trafficking through several programmes and initiatives including:  

  • In January USPG hosted an International Consultation in Tanzania - Set my People Free: The Call of the Church against Human Trafficking - where we brought together 15 Primates and 29 senior church delegates. It provided opportunities for senior leaders in the Anglican Communion to reflect on contemporary human trafficking through the voices and experiences of those working to tackle human trafficking. Delegates heard about different approaches and actions from organisations and explored its many dimensions and nuances within different continents and country contexts. Those attending recognised that human trafficking and modern-day slavery are global problems and that churches have a key role in tackling them in collaboration with government, agencies and other organisations. You can read more here
  • We are proud to support the Church in North India’s (CNI) Anti-human trafficking programme. The CNI’s Diocese of Durgapur launched its Anti-Human Trafficking Programme in 2011, and it operates in three districts: North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur and Malda. The main objective of the programme is to spread awareness about human trafficking and show local people how they can protect themselves and others from getting trapped. The border region between India and Bangladesh is a well-known hotspot for illegal immigration. You can read more here.
  • It would be remiss to not reflect on our recent announcement of Renewal and Reconciliation: The Codrington Reparations Project today. Joining with The Codrington Trust in Barbados, the commitment to this 10-15-year project is the result of our continuous work to seek to engage critically with and take reparative action in response to USPG’s shameful links to slavery through its ownership of The Codrington Estates in Barbados. Read more here

On this Anti-Slavery Day, we commit to continuing our global work alongside churches to fight against slavery and human trafficking in all its forms recognising its continuing prevalence in society today.  

Pray with us 

As you pray today please reflect on these words 

Written by the Rt Revd Simon Burton-Jones, the Bishop of Tonbridge.

Lord, you are a God who sets the captives free.
Your Spirit searches restlessly for those in despair, that they may find the life you are calling them to.
We pray for those who are being trafficked and callously put to work in our region.
On the cross, you were powerless and subject to the cruelty of others. Look with mercy on those who suffer this way.
May we, who are blinded by the shallow distractions of daily life, feel the fear of the cornered and be roused to action.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

(from the Clewer Initiative

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