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USPG study courses: Exploring the bible with the world church

Our study courses explore different aspects of Christian life and mission from the perspective of the global church.

By offering insights into how our church partners are putting their faith into practice, we hope these courses will inspire you and your church to engage more deeply with local and global mission.

You can read the courses on this page or click here to order printed booklets.

The Prophetic Voice of the Church

Today there are many prophetic voices throughout the world church: calling us to be like Jesus, who stood on the margins, comforting the oppressed and challenging the comfortable. This course explores this through the ministry of the church in India.

 The Prophetic Voice of the church (PDF)

Further information and resources including videos to accompany each week of the study can be found here.

All Things Are Possible

Explore how Anglican Churches around the world are supporting global development.

We want to suggest that it is only in God that there is any real hope for lasting change.

All Things Are Possible (PDF)



Living an Authentic Life 

Explore the meaning of discipleship, with reflections from the church in India, Malawi, Pakistan, South Africa and England.

We ask what it means to live an authentic life as a disciple of Christ – and suggest it involves being true to ourselves, to those we meet, and to God.

Living an Authentic Life (PDF)


A Heart for Mission

For many Christians, mission is why the church is here; for others, the concept of ‘mission’ is tainted with ideas of colonialism or heavy-handed evangelism.

We take a fresh look at mission by focusing on the Anglican Communion’s Five Marks of Mission.

A Heart for Mission (PDF)

The Gospel in Action

This course looks at the meaning of the gospel from five different countries and five different perspectives.

With reflections from the church in Brazil, Ghana, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Zambia, we look at how the gospel can inspire us to live differently and challenge injustice.

The Gospel in Action (PDF)

Migration and Movement

We look at the complex issues of economic migration, refugees, human trafficking, and the displacement of communities due to climate change.

We do not claim to have the answers, but hope this course will inspire us to engage more deeply with the issues.

Migration and Movement (PDF)




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The Revd Maxwell Kapachawo, who is HIV-positive


‘The church must not shy away from HIV. It needs to be a place of healing.’

The Revd Maxwell Kapachawo, who is HIV-positive


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