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Faith in a Changing Climate

Support climate justice with USPG and the world church

We are in a time of climate and ecological emergency.

For some, the issue seems so big it’s hard to imagine we can do anything to help. Others assume the issue is being dealt with already by the UN, governments and aid agencies.

So what is the role of mission and the church in all of this?

We believe we can all do something to help combat climate change, whether by making changes in our personal lives or by acting collectively as a church or community.

Our 32-page advocacy and church resources booklet offers*:

  • An introductory guide to climate change, including glossary of terms;
  • Stories that show the world church grappling with climate change;
  • Church resources, including prayers and a bible study;
  • Info on how to engage politically by lobbying your MP.

You can read it here or order printed copies for you and your congregation. 

Download Faith in a Changing Climate (PDF)

*Faith in a Changling Climate was written 2017

Action needed now to prevent global disaster

Human activity, primarily led by unsustainable lifestyles in the global north, has altered our planet. Species have become extinct, levels of pollution have increased, extreme storm events have intensified, sea levels have risen and weather patterns have become more unpredictable.

Climate change impacts all areas of life on earth exacerbating risks to health, threatening food security and increasing the likelihood of conflict and the displacement of people.

Fundamentally, climate change is an issue of justice disproportionately caused by a few and impacting the least culpable and the most vulnerable.

In 2015 the world came together in the Paris Agreement to adopt universal legally-binding targets to limit the impacts of climate change. Change is possible but ambitious and rapid action is needed.

This is not least the case for countries like the UK who have a historic and contemporary responsibility for the impacts of climate change.

The Bible is clear that God wants us to work for climate justice. The Anglican Communion’s Fifth Mark of Mission reminds us that God longs for harmony in the whole of Creation, not just in the human family.

The Rt Revd Apimeleki Qiliho, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Polynesia, shared: “We are at a critical juncture in our history… we have a responsibility to act… If we are of one mind, one heart and one spirit, we can challenge leaders and decisions makers to work effectively to end the calamity that surely awaits us if we continue blindly down this road.”

We believe that we all need to play our part and that as the greatest challenge of our generation we are most effective when we work in cooperation with others. Below are links to resources and ideas for action.

Lobby your MP

We want to see UK churches and residents lobbying their local MPs to take action for the climate and put climate justice higher in their political agenda.

We are supporting Hope for the Future, a climate charity (born out of an ecumenical campaign) which works to equip communities, groups and individuals across the country to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians

For more information on how you can take action contact Rachel Mander, Hope for the Future’s Faith Outreach Officer here.


Make COP26 Count

With Hope for the Future we are offering the Make COP26 Count programme supporting churches to lobby their MPs in the run up to the UN climate change conference COP26 that is being hosted in Glasgow in November 2021.

We want to utilise the opportunity of hosting COP26 to push for greater climate action and ambition.

Find out how you can be involved.


Sustainable Preaching

Sustainable Preaching provides weekly sermon notes and reflections from across the Anglican Communion in line with the Revised Common Lectionary. As a resource, it aims to support preachers integrate ecological and climate justice into their sermons.

You can find the weekly offering here.


Climate Sunday

Climate Sunday is an ecumenical initiative of the Environmental Issues Network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, of which USPG is a part.

Climate Sunday encourages churches to hold a climate-focused service, to explore the theological and scientific basis of creation care and action on climate, to pray, and to commit to action.

Find out more and get involved


Pray and Fast for the Climate

Pray and Fast for the Climate is a growing global movement of Christians praying and fasting on the first of each month for climate justice.

In 2015, the Anglican Communion Bishops’ statement on the environment suggested that all Anglicans worldwide pray and fast on the first of the month.

Pray and Fast for the Climate is supported by members of the ‘Faith for the Climate’ network, including USPG.

Find out more and get involved.

Money Makes Change

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) has a vision to see money used in a way that creates a fairer and more sustainable world.

They help faith communities and people to make financial choices which reflect these values and passions including climate justice.

Find out more and get involved


The Anglican Communion Environmental Network

The Anglican Communion Environmental Network is a network for those who care for God’s creation. Anglicans and Episcopalians worldwide have long been concerned with environmental issues. From extreme weather to food shortages all of us are affected. Guided by the fifth Mark of Mission members of the Anglican Communion Environment Network strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the earth.

Find out more and explore more global Anglican resources


UN Networks and Further Resources

USPG believes that on such a crucial issue that it is important that we work with others. Here in Britain and Ireland we are a part of the ecumenical Environmental Issues Network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and the interfaith Faith for the Climate Network.

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