Key Facts

Full name: The Kingdom of Swaziland

Population: 1.2 million (UN, 2012)

Capital: Mbabane

Languages: Swazi, English (both official)

Major religions: Christianity, indigenous beliefs

Life expectancy: 50 years (men), 49 years (women)

Exports: Sugar, wood pulp, minerals

The Anglican Church is small in numbers but is full of life. Its parishes reach every corner of the country, reaching out to all, irrespective of faith or denomination.



Church in Swaziland is devising a new development programme

USPG and the Diocese of Swaziland are working together to create a new development programme.

This news will be of particular interest to USPG supporters in Ireland, who have established a special focus on Swaziland in recent years.

In April 2017, USPG personnel visited Swaziland to meet the Rt Revd Ellinah Wamukoyah, Bishop of Swaziland and her colleagues.

While discussions are still ongoing, it is likely that USPG’s engagement in Swaziland will focus on community development, education, support for women, and protecting the environment; and we will be working in partnership with HOPE Africa, the development arm of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA).

Davidson Solanki, USPG International Programmes Manager, explained: ‘The diocese has a particular concern to improve food security and provide communities with better access to healthcare and education.

‘To this end, the dioceses will be working in selected parishes to pilot a new approach to development that focuses on local skills and resources to tackle local challenges. It’s very exciting.’

Davidson added: ‘At the same time, the diocese is keen to develop a green church programme to combat the impact of climate change. And any programmes we develop will incorporate a focus on protecting the health and rights of women.’

Leadership development

USPG continues to support leadership development in Swaziland and throughout ACSA.

At present, Nomkhosi Zulu is studying at the College of the Transfiguration, in Grahamstown, South Africa.

Nomkhosi told USPG: ‘I have learned that transformation begins with oneself before it takes place in the lives of others. My aim is to be involved with the whole community, not just to be a “Sunday Priest”, but to be available to the people for the whole week.’


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The Anglican Church is support community development, leadership training and support for women.


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