Focus on Pakistan

Capital: Islamabad

Languages: Punjabi 48%, Urdu (official) 8%, English

Religion: Muslim 97% (Sunni 77%, Shi'a 20%), other (includes Christian and Hindu)

Export: textiles, rice, leather goods, sports goods, chemicals, carpets and rugs

Founded in 1970, the Church of Pakistan is a union of four denominations: Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian (Scottish).

The United Church of Pakistan is the second largest church in the country after the Roman Catholic Church.

The Muslim state of East and West Pakistan was created in 1947 out of the partition of India at the end of British rule. Hundreds of thousands died during violence and millions were left homeless.

A civil war in 1971 resulted in East Pakistan breaking away to become Bangladesh.


we are Working in partnership with the church of Pakistan

USPG has been working in partnership with the Church of Pakistan since its inception.

We support leadership development and theological education, as well as the smooth running of the church's synodical office and diocesan work.

Support for St Thomas Theological College

The Church of Pakistan runs St Thomas Theological College, which is currently training 40 men and women for different church ministries in episcopal and ecumenical set ups.

The college also offers non-formal theological education for preaching and teaching in parishes. At present, 12 men and women are attending twice-weekly classes.

In addition, the college offers in-service training for pastors and catechists, with around 30 being trained at any one time.

The college is a community of around 75 people. Married students live on the campus with their wives and children. All participate in the weekly activities of the college.

The curriculum is benefiting church leaders from throughout the Church of Pakistan, whether or not they have had prior ministerial or theological training.

The result is clergy and laity with an increased ability in handling the teaching and preaching the Word of God contextually.

Women are not ordained in the Church of Pakistan but those who study at the college are equipped with skills to play their role in Christian education and other non-ordained ministries.

Support for the Church of Pakistan Provincial Synod Office

The work of the Provincial Synod Office is to co-ordinate work in the church's eight dioceses.

This involves regular meetings for officers working in departments such as: mission and evangelism; youth and women’s ministries; development; healthcare; and education.

For the first time in the church’s history, desk officers from different dioceses have started meeting together to share challenges and opportunities.

This has opened up networks for them and brought in new ideas and incentives.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Synod Office is engaging in research to look at the operation of COP at synod and diocesan level.



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Sierra Leone

The Anglican Church in Sierra Leone is developing a strategy to support communities.


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