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Join The Bray Circle: Invest in the leadership of the world church

The Bray CircleNamed after our founder, Thomas Bray, The Bray Circle has been created for USPG supporters who want to invest significantly in the development of twenty-first century world church leaders.

Your donations will support programmes that nurture leadership throughout the Anglican Communion, among bishops, clergy and laity.

And, as a member or a patron of The Bray Circle, you will also receive invitations to special events which have focus on growing the church, including the annual Bray Day Service, the Rethinking Mission Day Conference, and our annual USPG celebration event.

Read the sermon on climate change given at the 2017 Bray Day Service.

Members of The Bray Circle

You can become a member of The Bray Circle by pledging to donate £300 or more each year. As a member you will receive invitations to attend special meetings of The Bray Circle, where you will hear first-hand about our work and see how your gifts are being used to help churches reach out to the communities they serve.

Patrons of The Bray Circle

In addition to member benefits, as a patron of The Bray Circle (pledging donations of £1,200 or more annually) you will be offered opportunities to get to know senior USPG staff and overseas guests at occasional exclusive luncheons or evening events. This will enable you to gain an additional insight into the work you are supporting and the impact it is having. Patrons (unless they prefer not to) will be publicly thanked in our annual report.

Quietly around the world, the leadership development work of USPG is having an immense impact.

In 1999, Albert Chama, a priest from Zambia, received a grant from USPG to study for a Masters degree in Applied Community Studies at Birmingham University.

Today he is the Archbishop of Central Africa, using his training to promote development initiatives that are benefiting thousands of people throughout Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

One such initiative is providing home-based care and food supplements to people living with HIV in Zambia. Other initiatives include clean water and sanitation projects, malaria prevention, and training for women with vocational skills.

The archbishop is one of many church leaders who have received support from USPG to develop their skills and potential. The result is a dynamic generation of leaders who have a passion to see the gospel change lives.

With your support, we can play a significant role in the training of many more leaders like Archbishop Albert.


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The Revd Antonio Terto, Vicar, City of God


'We count on your support and the love of Christ.'

The Revd Antonio Terto, Vicar, City of God


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