Prayer for Today

Monday 19th July (USPG Conference):

Let us pray for the USPG conference, giving thanks for all in attendance and those who planned the event. May we use this opportunity to amplify voices from across the Anglican Communion as we seek to deepen existing partnerships and begin new friendships.


Tuesday 20th July: 

Let us pray for the peaceful co-existence of different religions and cultures. May we particularly pray for the work of the Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa.


Wednesday 21st July:

We pray for open minds and sensitive ears, so that we may better listen to voices from the margins. May we work better to bring about justice for the oppressed.


Thursday 22nd July (Saint Mary Magdalene):

Let us give thanks for the life and witness of St Mary Magdalene. May we follow Christ as obediently as she did, and listen to the voices of women in the Church.


Friday 23rd July:

Let us pray for religious tolerance worldwide. May we actively pursue positive interaction with people of all faiths.


Saturday 24th July:

Let us pray for churches, activists and leaders working for gender justice. May we seek to amplify their voices and listen to what they have to say.


Sunday 25th July (Eighth Sunday after Trinity):

Almighty Lord,

May we rejoice in Your name.

Fill our mouths with laughter,

And our tongues with shouts of joy.