Prayer for Today

Monday 18th October (Luke the Evangelist):

Let us give thanks for the life and works of Saint Luke. May we be a healing presence in the world.


Tuesday 19th October:

Let us pray for the Zambia Anglican Council, which represents Anglican churches across Zambia.


Wednesday 20th October:

We pray for just transitions from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy, minimising the economic impact of these changes. 


Thursday 21st October (Global Media and Information Literacy Week):

Lord, we thank you for the ability to communicate with Christians across the world through technology. May we use this technology wisely and safely, casting a critical eye over the information we receive.


Friday 22nd October:

We confess our own prejudice concerning those of other races, and we ask the grace of God to challenge racism in ourselves and in others.


Saturday 23rd October:

Let us pray for farmers and those who work in agriculture. May they have bountfiyul harvests and use their land sustainably.


Sunday 24th October (Last Sunday After Trinity):

"I saw a great multitude that none could number,

From every nation and tribe and people and tongue."

Lamb of God,

From your throne you reign over the peoples of the world.

On this Sunday, may we draw strength from the Bible's story

Of Babel's division becoming a single shout of worship.