Prayer for Today

Monday 10th May

We pray for the work of leaders across the world church. May they work together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Tuesday 11th May

Let us remember the life of Mary Seacole, a compassionate and resilient woman who provided healing in times of conflict. May we emulate her caring attitude towards others.


Wednesday 12th May

Let us pray for the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Bless them in the work they do and in their relationships with other churches around the world.


Thursday 13th May (Ascension Day)

Holy Father, as you raised your Son to heaven, may we embrace the knowledge that He will remain with us evermore.


Friday 14th May (Saint Matthew)

Let us give thanks for the life and work of St Matthew.


Saturday 15th May (International Day of Families)

Let us pray for families, connected and estranged, that they may feel God’s unconditional love.


Sunday 16th May (Seventh Sunday of Easter):

Knowing God,

May we trust in Your wisdom,

And follow the path You have set us on.

Let us be faithful disciples,

Spreading the Word