Prayer for Today

Monday 20 June:

Let us pray for those running the Swarapuntor programme. May more communities in Bangladesh become selfsufficient and economically empowered.


Tuesday 21 June:

We pray for the Church of Bangladesh and the dioceses of Barishal, Dhaka and Kushtia. May we support the Church as they seek to be salt and light to the people of Bangladesh.


Wednesday 22 June:

Let us pray for those around the world who have been affected by the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. May they be supported to find secure and fair employment.


Thursday 23 June:

We pray for churches and religious organisations who have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. May we offer partnership and support to them wherever possible.


Friday 24 June (The Birth of John the Baptist):

Today we remember the birth of John the Baptist. Let us give thanks for his preaching and witness.


Saturday 25 June:

We give thanks for the Word of God. May we set aside time to study and reflect on the Bible each and every day.


Sunday 26 June:

King of kings,

Teach us how to be humble and caring leaders.

May we be wise in our decisions and

Thoughtful in our actions.