Prayer for Today

Sunday 16 January (Second Sunday of Epiphany):

God of all things,

Help us to discern our gifts and to use them for the common good.

Let us rejoice in the diversity of creation.


Monday 17 January:

Today we pray for Christians across many churches, denominations and continents. May we work together to share the love of Jesus Christ with each other and with those who feel they are outside of the Church.


Tuesday 18 January:

On this day, we remember the life of Martin Luther King. May we honour his legacy by pursuing racial and economic justice through nonviolent means.


Wednesday 19 January:

Let us pray for the Church of Bangladesh, comprised of the dioceses of Dhaka, Kushtia and Barisal.


Thursday 20 January:

We pray for the work of St Andrew's Theological COllege, the Church of Bangladesh's theological training centre. May they continue to nurture and educate prospective clergy.


Friday 21 January:

Let us pray for ecumenical initiatives, both in Bangladesh and across the Anglican Communion. May we recognise that we have more in common that that which divides us.


Saturday 22 January:

Let us give thanks for religious freedom and the ability to freely practise what we believe. May we remembrer those living in countries where freedom of belief is restricted.


Sunday 23 January (Third Sunday of Epiphany):

Liberator God,

You teach us to resist oppression, lift up the disadvantaged and centre the marginalised.

May we always pursue justice.