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Bible verse

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10-10

‘Healthcare is an opportunity to proclaim the love of our Heavenly Father’

We meet staff from the Us-supported Christian Mission Hospital, in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Christian Mission Hospital offers a vital health service to poor and vulnerable communities in the Rajshahi region of Bangladesh.

Founded in 1887, the hospital welcomes people of all faiths, and has a special fund for patients who cannot afford medical fees. The hospital also trains nurses.

In this article, three staff members explain how they are motivated by the gospel.

Sritilata Mondol, Primary Health Care Nurse

I am inspired by the words of Jesus which say: ‘When you take care of the sick, you take care of me.’ For me, this is a life-changing teaching that encourages me to take good care of the patients.

I was born in 1972 in Bollobhpur Mission Hospital [also supported by Us]. My father was very poor so I was not able to study beyond the first year of secondary school. I never forget that, so I always try to help women and children in a similar situation with food, money or clothing.

I was always interested in nursing. I used to see the nurses at Bollobhpur taking care of the sick and, when I talked to them, they encouraged me to choose nursing as a profession. So I took a training course for junior nurses, and I have now been at Rajshahi Hospital for 18 years. My main duties are to visit villages to offer health education and check-up on expectant mums. My big concern is to ensure safe motherhood and reduce child and maternal mortality.

Those who aren’t Christians greet me as ‘didi’ [elder sister], which is a joy to me. I want to share the love of our Heavenly Father in my work.

Anuradha, Nurse-in-Charge

My mother was often sick when I was a girl, so I used to help take care of her. My mother blessed me and advised me to become a nurse so that I could help the sick, just as Jesus Christ helped the sick and continues to do so.

Because of this encouragement I chose the nursing profession, and I trained at Rajshahi Hospital. That was 31 years ago.

I work on the maternity ward, helping women in delivery and helping them to care for their new babies.

I think it is good for Christians to work in healthcare because it is an opportunity to proclaim the love of our Heavenly Father and to carry out the healing ministry of our Lord. I am very happy when a patient is cured or when a new mother takes home a healthy baby.

I find it encouraging when I hear patients saying that Christians know how to take good care of them; it inspires me to work even harder.

For the future, I would like to see the hospital fitted with more modern equipment so we can do even more for the patients.

Martyr Chowdhury, Chief of Financial Department

My grandfather was a doctor and an honorary priest in the Church of Bangladesh. My background is somewhat privileged, but we have always maintained a bible-focused way of life.

While my training is in computer technology and finance, my Christian faith encouraged me to become involved with the healing ministry. I believe it is not only doctors and nurses who can serve in a health capacity – my role at the hospital is also vital in maintaining the success of our ministry.

In this respect, I am pleased to report that the finance department is fully computerised and well-managed, with transparency and accountability.

My hope is to depend on God fully and overcome all adverse situations so I can be effective in our mission to serve our Lord.

Dr Christopher Amulya Baroi, Senior Doctor

My parents were both Christians. They brought me up to always depend on God and live a prayerful life. Their lives were simple but rich in the Christian faith, and this had a profound impact on me.

I mostly trained in Bangladesh, but I came to Liverpool, England, in 1982, to study for my degree.

I’m now aged 60. Over the years I have served as a physician in many Christian organisations.

It is good for Christians to be involved in the healing ministry. It is a chance to show and practise the love and care of Jesus Christ, who came into the world not to be served but to serve. My faith encourages me to follow in footsteps of our Lord, and I try to follow this teaching in all my work.

I think it is important to help people of all faiths, especially those in need. I am happy when a patient is cured.


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