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USPG at Greenbelt 2018

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Come and join USPG at the Greenbelt Christian arts festival (24-27 August, Boughton Estate, Kettering) to seriously re-think what mission is all about and find out what a short-term placement with the world church might look like for you. Our Filipino guest speaker, Fr Chris Ablon will also be inviting us to join his church in creatively taking action against the attacks on indigenous communities who are losing their lands and their lives. 


Greenbelt USPG 2018 Talks and Timings


White Saviour Complex narratives

Telescope, Saturday 4-5pm

Have missionaries had their day? Do they carry too many vestiges of imperialism, colonialism and conforming ‘others’ to a western culture? Does this simply perpetuate the ‘White Saviour’ complex or might there still be a space for the missional movement of people in the 21st century? Chaired by Duncan Dormor, General Secretary of USPG, a 300-year-old mission agency seriously rethinking mission.

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Mission from the margins - a blog from Duncan Dormor shared on the Greenbelt website


Blessed are the Pink-Vested Peacemakers.

Treehouse, Saturday  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Speaker: Father Chris Ablon from the Philippines. 

How can we become peacemakers? In the Philippines, the church’s radical mission of accompaniment and solidarity is landing its’ Bishops in jail, but it’s also shining a light on the unjust practices of mining corporations and a government which sees their indigenous communities as expendable. Father Chris, will share how he was inspired by his experiences in Palestine, why he feels the church must get political, how Greenbelters can help stop children losing their lives trying to get an education and how we can become peacemakers in our own context.

 Father Chris Ablon

An ordained priest, Father Chris Ablon is also the National Program Coordinator for the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI). He is a Core Group Member of the Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform (PEPP) where he is responsible for facilitating various trainings, conventions and lectures on peace processes and conflict transformation. He is an occasional consultant and facilitator of peace-building workshop between the Nominated Sections of the Government of the Republic of the Philippine and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in the Joint Monitoring Committee.

As well as completing peace building training at the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute in the Philippines he has also served as an accompanier, for the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program for Palestine-Israel, Palestine, with the World Council of Churches. Following this he pioneered the Lumad Accompaniment Program and Mindanao Lumad Ministries of the IFI which uses a similar model of accompaniment with the Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao.

He studied the International Course on Land, People, Theology and Sustainability, by the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem, Palestine-Israel. And in 2016-2017 in in Siem Reap, Cambodia he also took part in the invitation only programme for key practitioners ‘Transformative Peace Leadership, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies’ where he focused on personal and political leadership formation for peace processes.

As well as these professional accomplishments he is a guitarist in the bands Imagine Peace ASEAN Band and the Filipino 1500 Band, he rides a motorbike, trades guitars and speaks four languages English, Filipino, Cebuano and Hiligaynon

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Silence is not peace! - a guest blog on the Greenbelt website

SOS - Standing alongside the people of the Philippines -  a film from our friends at the Save our Schools Network.

Prayerful meditation on mining in the Philippines 



Sunday Morning - Windrush Communion Service at the Glade Stage - input from USPG’s Evie Vernon

Solidarity Prayer Vigil (With special guests from the Igorot Tribe in the Philippines.) 

Sunday 8pm – gather at the pontoon bridge between Orpheus and the Lake to walk to The Shelter worship venue on the other side of the lake for 8.15pm

Speakers: Father Chris Ablon, Igorot tribal members, Father Herbert, Father Salvador

Come to the pontoon bridge, between Orpheus and the Lake to experience the Igorot ritual dance as they joyfully invite us to process to a candlelit service led by Filipino Priests at the Shelter venue, giving Greenbelters the opportunity to prayerfully stand in solidarity with indigenous communities around the world who are forcibly displaced from their lands, and face increasing threats to their way of life.



Looking for an adventure?

The Forge workshop venue on the Monday at 11am. 
Speakers: Journey with Us participants and Habib Nader

Do you yearn for something less routine? For an opportunity to stretch your wings? For an adventure? Volunteering with USPG will put you on the front line of the modern-day mission field. It’s a genuinely life-changing placement. Come along to learn more, hear first-hand stories, and be inspired. 

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Go on a life changing journey - a guest blog on the Greenbelt website



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