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Online courses will explore gender and development

Two online study courses looking at gender and global development have been produced by USPG in collaboration with Catherine of Siena College at the University of Roehampton.

The courses have the input of a collective of Anglican and ecumenical clergy and laity with training in theology, development studies, research and the social sciences and experience in church-based community development projects.

• Gender in Church Community Development Practice (9 Oct–27 Nov 2017) will look at development theories and case studies from around the world to explore how gender inequality must be taken into account if development programmes are to be effective.

• Promoting Wellbeing and Health (5 Mar–23 Apr 2018) will draw upon case studies from around the world to explore how gender, poverty and culture must be a central consideration of any development programmes intended to promote health and wellbeing.

Gender and Development Course

USPG Theological Adviser Evie Vernon explained: ‘Research has shown that it is essential to integrate gender analysis into development processes. Our hope is that these courses will provide anyone with an interest in these topics to explore these issues further.’

Evie cited the example from research that providing girls with better opportunities for employment and education will lead to fewer unplanned teenage pregnancies and improved welfare for women.

However, she emphasised that simply giving more opportunities to women is not enough – it is also important to look at how men are negatively impacted by notions of patriarchy. Working to challenge gender stereotypes and traditional roles is needed and can best be done in the context of faith.

The deadline for signing up for the first course is 22 September 2017.

• To book or find out more, email or visit www.roehampton.ac.uk/catherine-of-siena/courses

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The Anglican Church’s priorities are sharing the gospel and church growth, with a focus on men's and women's gospel groups.

Challenges facing the country include HIV, malaria, TB and poverty.


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