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John 10-10

Bishop Gaul College, Zimbabwe: ‘Everything is in God’s hands!’

A lecturer and students from the Us-supported Bishop Gaul College, in Harare, Zimbabwe, explain how theological training is helping to grow the church.

Friar Joshua Musiyambiri, Principal

At Bishop Gaul College we are surrounded by people who are eager to serve God, people who are willing to sacrifice luxuries to do this in the knowledge they are serving the church.

It is a blessing to know that we have friends like Us, both in terms of the financial support you provide for students and in terms of prayer. Prayer is so important to us here at Bishop Gaul – we really feel the power of your prayers.

Position Churukio, 31

My sense of calling is something that came to me as a gradual process. My hope is to use my gifts to teach the word of God. I think learning to deal with people – spiritually and emotionally – will be my biggest challenge.

While I am here, please pray that my family would know God’s presence and keeping hand.

Farai Dhliwayo, 35

I first heard the word of God as a small child. Later I served in church, and then I spent two years working as a visiting preacher.

It was never my intention to become a priest, but I started to think that God was calling me to take that step.

I have faced challenges since coming to college, with illness and the pressure of the college workload. But being in the presence of God’s people is such a blessing. Everything is in God’s hands. We’re serving in the house of the Lord.

Tafadzkia Matanhire, 22

For me and many of my fellow students, we feel our biggest challenge as parish priests will be getting alongside people and their conflicts. But we have hope!

Through the college we are growing spiritually. We are learning to keep close to God and to depend on his strength and grace.

Jasper Ziera, 35

It has been a challenge to return to academic studying after an absence of many years. On top of this, there is the pressure of work in our placements.

However, it is a wonderful blessing to share in this experience with my peers at college. Being surrounded by my brothers and their encouragement helps me to keep going.

It is a blessing to be in the service of the Lord. Being here and receiving tuition makes for a better understanding and a solid foundation.

Please pray for us all that the Lord would continue to give us strength, wisdom and humility to stay in the Lord’s service.

Wonder Nyawo, 34

I grew up in a Christian family and was a regular churchgoer. Then I became a visiting preacher and, as the years went by, I started to feel my place in the church should be full-time.

Being at college brings some challenges – the sheer pressure of work, the lectures, reading and placements – but the blessings are substantial. We are being equipped, aided and developed spiritually.

Please pray that God’s hand would be upon us. That we would be humble and have listening hearts so we can become effective ministers.’

Ronald Chikliyo, 29

I had a passion for serving God that I couldn’t resist. When I attended the selection conference, I was thrilled to be chosen for ordination training.

Working towards the goal of becoming a priest has been a gradual process, but things are falling into place. Being at college has been such an opportunity to be edified by the word of God.

I hope I will be an effective parish priest. I realise a priest needs to be very patient and also needs God’s strength.



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Thilega Rajendran, Hatton

Sri Lanka

‘Thanks to the support of the church, I am now a teacher. I am very thankful.'

Thilega Rajendran, Hatton


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