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UsPG Conference 2016: Just One World

Our conference this year (6-8 June) looked at issues of justice through the eyes of the world church.

The conference was inspired by Micah 6:8: ‘What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?’

Here is a selection of films and sound-only files of the keynote presentations.

Refugee crisis in Europe

Fr Malcolm Bradshaw MBE, of the Anglican Chaplaincy in Athens, describes the refugee crisis in Greece, including the political context there and the ecumenical response of a number of church partners supported by Us.

Listen: Fr Malcolm Bradshaw on refugee crisis


Human trafficking in the Amazon

Ruth De Barros, Us-supported programme co-ordinator in the Diocese of the Amazon, Brazil, speaks about human trafficking.

Read: Ruth de Barros on trafficking in the Amazon

Listen: Ruth de Barros on trafficking in the Amazon


Christians need a single language of love and justice

The Revd John Rogers, Rector of St George’s and Rural Dean of St John’s, Barbados, leads an inspiring and challenging bible study focusing on the need for Christians to speak a shared language of love and justice.

Listen: The Revd John Rogers on justice


A church response to asylum seekers in the UK

Nadine Daniel, of ‘Hope+’ (Helping Other People Eat Plus), which is run by Liverpool Cathedral, describes the situation facing asylum seekers in the UK.

Listen: Nadine Daniel on asylum seekers in the UK



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The Revd Maxwell Kapachawo, who is HIV-positive


‘The church must not shy away from HIV. It needs to be a place of healing.’

The Revd Maxwell Kapachawo, who is HIV-positive


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