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UsPG conference 2015: Talks and presentations

The following sound files and Word documents are all taken from our 2015 conference, which took the title The Transforming Gospel and had a focus on gender justice and interreligious living.

Sheba SultanSheba Sultan

Sheba Sultan, an educational trainer, fiction writer and member of the Church of Pakistan, spoke about the challenges facing women in Pakistan.

Sheba: ‘The gospel does not stop women, culture does… The concept of subordination is ingrained in our minds, upheld by our culture and strengthened every day by our practices…

'We need a change in our scriptural interpretation and preaching. We need to make heard the good news that men and women are created equal and that authority belongs to Christ.’

Sheba Sultan (.mp3 sound file)

Sheba Sultan conference presentation (.doc Word)

Canon Delene MarkCanon Delene Mark

Canon Delene Mark, CEO of Hope Africa, the social development department arm of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, spoke on how the church can ensure the gospel is good news for women.

‘Justice must prevail for both men and women… We need to join together to stop these atrocities of women… The gospel is good news for women. How? Only through us.’

Canon Delene Mark (.mp3 sound file)

The Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-HolmesThe Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes  and Dr Paulo Ueti

The Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, vicar of Belmont and Pittington, Durham, and author of The Essential History of Christianity, discussed gender justice with Dr Paulo Ueti, theologian and New Testament bible scholar from Brazil.

Miranda: ‘There is a lot of academic research, which the church is often very uncomfortable about receiving, which shows absolutely conclusively that there is a very strong correlation between places where there is a stronger theology of women’s subordination to men and places where there is a higher incidence of gender-based violence.’

Dr Paulo UetiPaulo: ‘There are lots of theologies in the Bible – there is not just one. And not a developing theology in the Bible, in terms of a linear thing. No, it’s conflictive theologies within the Bible…

'We are actually reading some ideological approach. There are some words that have been deliberately forgotten to be translated…

'We have to be very curious about the language that has been used… when we see the word "man" instead of "humanity"…’

The Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and Dr Paulo Ueti
(.mp3 sound file; apologies for the skipping around 16:30)

The Revd Dr Monodeep DanielThe Revd Dr Monodeep Daniel

The Revd Dr Monodeep Daniel, of the Delhi Brotherhood Society, offered a commentary on the Rape of Tamar (2 Samuel 13). He likened the atrocity inflicted upon Tamar to the plight of India’s Dalit people.

Dr Monodeep writes: 'Dalit women who suffer twice more than other women. They suffer the domination of males and also the exploitation of caste.
Tamar was raped and silenced and so are Dalit women who have suffered the brutality of males both in their families and also in the larger society.'

The Rape of Tamar bible study

Anjum AnwarAnjum Anwar

Ms Anjum Anwar MBE, Exchange and Dialogue Development Officer, Blackburn Cathedral, took part in a workshop looking at her research commissioned by Us on interreligious living around the world. The following articles were written by Anjum prior to the conference.

Anjum writes: 'We first need to feel very safe and comfortable with our own values and beliefs before we are able to extend a hand of friendship to those who have different values and beliefs.'

Anjum Anwar on interreligious living in Sri Lanka

Anjum Anwar on interreligious living in Pakistan

Anjum Anwar on interreligious living in Zanzibar



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Fr Amos Manga


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Fr Amos Manga


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