Archbishop of the West Indies Urges Christians to Get Vaccinated

First published on: 21st September 2021

Archbishop of the West Indies Urges Christians to Get Vaccinated

The Archbishop of the West Indies has written a letter encouraging Caribbean congregations to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. In his letter, the Most Rev’d Howard Gregory criticised Christians for spreading misinformation about the origins and effects of vaccines. The letter was co-signed by Sheran Harper, Worldwide President of the Mothers’ Union.

Archbishop Howard writes, ‘The decision to take the vaccine is part of our moral duty as Christians…we strongly urge all members of our congregations to take the vaccine as an expression of their duty to care for themselves and for their brothers and sisters in Christ.’

Covid-19 cases in Grenada have peaked at 186 new infections per day, whilst Barbados, St Vincent and Belize have all recorded their highest number of cases since February. So far, these Caribbean countries have suffered deaths from Covid in tens rather than hundreds. Archbishop Howard’s message comes at a crucial time – Covid-19 cases are on the rise and countries such as Jamaica and St Vincent have administered less than 30 doses per 100 people.  

The letter comes in response to widespread vaccine hesitancy across the Province of the West Indies, with anti-vaccine protests taking place in Barbados and Antigua. Whilst Archbishop Howard does not endorse making vaccinations mandatory, the letter strongly suggests that everyone who can get vaccinated should do so.

Above: The Most Rev'd Howard Gregory, Archbishop of the Church in the Province of the West Indies