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Your fundraising will support vital work of the world church

There are many ways to fundraise for USPG – the only limit is your imagination!

From the unusual to the traditional, our supporters constantly impress us with their ingenuity.

In terms of the more unusual, we've had world record attempts at eating baked beans and an exhibition of miniature Lord of the Rings models. While the more traditional has included sponsored walks and coffee mornings.

Scroll down for an A to Z list of fundraising ideas. You will also find details for how to raise money for USPG while you shop online.

For churches, our Partners in Mission giving scheme is an opportunity to support God’s global mission at a grassroots level through direct-giving. There are specific financial targets, and once you've signed up you'll be sent news updates and prayer requests.

A to (nearly) Z of fundraising ideas

Aerobics: Do you go to a really good aerobics class? Why not ask your instructor if they'd consider organising an aerobics marathon?

Art exhibitions:
Offer your church as an attractive venue for the local art club to hold an exhibition. A nominal entrance fee could be charged, money could be raised by selling refreshments, and a percentage commission of any art sold could go to USPG.

Auctions: It is not difficult to organise an auction. A good idea to attach an auction of donated goods, services, promises or artwork, to a dinner or dance or another occasion. Items often fetch far more than their face value as guests endeavour to outbid one another.

Autumn prize vegetable show: Could you organise a vegetable show, including a competition for the most delicious vegetable dish?

Awful tie competition: At your place of work, everyone is encouraged to pay for the privilege of wearing a truly awful tie or scarf for the day. There is a lot of fun to be had in judging the contest and ribbing the winner, who gains the notoriety of being the individual with the worst dress sense!

Barbecue: Ask your neighbours round for a barbecue. Ask them to bring a bottle and the meat of their choice. You provide the salads and bread. A small entry fee should cover costs, with some left over.

Blindfolded ten/nine pin bowling: Some people actually play better this way! Participants pay to enter and the winner gets a prize.

Board games: Charge an entrance fee for an evening of board games, perhaps hold competitions in each event, with prizes. Hold a bridge drive or a whist drive, or a Monopoly evening.

Bring-a-book coffee morning: A bring-a-book coffee morning is a small twist on the conventional fundraiser. Invite friends and neighbours over for coffee and homemade cakes. Ask everybody to bring good used paperbacks, that attendees can buy for 50p or £1 each. You could also charge a small entrance fee.

Broken jewellery: Broken jewellery, gold and silver can be sold by weight. That old gold earring that has lost its partner is not worth a great deal on its own, but if you collect a reasonable number you can build up a good weight, which a reputable jeweller can melt down and reuse.

Cake divide: Bake or buy your cake, divide it into eight slices and sell them at 50p a shot. In six months you'll have raised over £100 and won the undying love of your workmates. Crumbs! Why not make it a Friday afternoon ritual?

Car boot sale: How about getting together with other members of your congregation and holding a car boot sale?

Carwash: Recruit a team of willing little helpers, then set up a neighbourhood carwash scheme with proceeds going to USPG.

Cheese and wine evening: Try to have around 20 people and charge them £5 or £10 each. For that, you can provide a fine selection of cheese and wine with crackers, French sticks, fruit or celery, whatever you fancy. But don't be too extravagant or you won't have any money left to donate to USPG!

Children's nearly new stall: Mums are always looking for good quality children's clothes at a bargain price. Get together with other mums and set up a stall.

Christmas party: If you're involved in organising the firm's bash, why not ask everyone to pay an extra £1 on top of the fixed price. (If the firm is sponsoring it they might also contribute). You could, of course, also run a raffle on the night.

Christmas plant sale: Christmas is an ideal time to sell dried flowers or hyacinth bulbs in attractive containers.

Concerts: Some suggestions include carol concerts, choral works, Last Night of the Proms, old time music hall, operas, pantomimes, plays, recitals, revues, jazz evenings, outdoor summer concerts, and talent shows.

Cream teas: Ask your neighbours round to lounge on your lawn while you serve them cream teas as a great summer treat!

Dance demonstration: Invite a local dance studio to give a demonstration and lesson at your church.

Dances: Social dance events are very popular and can take a number of forms. How about the following: Scottish reel night, ballroom dancing, 1920s flapper dance, barn dance or ceilidh, a West Indian night with steel band and limbo dancers, line dancing, a 70s disco.

Dinner parties: Have a dinner or lunch party, but ask those you invite to give a donation to the cause instead of supplying wine, flowers or chocolates. Each person at the party can then take it in turn to host another party, so that four, five or even six parties happen.

Fetes and fairs: Church fetes are traditionally very successful fundraisers. Generally speaking, the more stalls and more diversity the better. Here are some stall ideas:

Food: As well as coffee mornings, tea parties and wine tasting, how about brunch, candlelight suppers, celebrity lunches and dinner parties, a champagne/Bucks Fizz party, ploughman's lunches and barbecues.

Fulfil a lifetime ambition: Challenge events can, if well supported, raise serious amounts of sponsorship as individuals really get enthusiastic about doing something that has been a lifetime ambition: from whitewater rafting to parascending, and from balloon trips to walking the Great Wall of China.

Fundraising race: Challenge other families, groups or teams to a race to see who can be first to raise £100.

Garden open day: If you’ve got a lovely garden, whatever its size, why not invite people to see it and charge a small admission fee? It might be a good idea to ask your neighbours to open their gardens too, to make visitors' journeys doubly worthwhile.

Gardening competition: Choose the best time of year and hold a competition for the most imaginative window box, tub or cut flower display.

Karaoke evening: Charge singers £1 to take part. Then charge the rest of the crowd £2 each to get them off the stage! Make sure you publicise it well in advance.

Marathon man (or woman): Are you one of those incredibly fit people who run marathons? What an achievement, and an even greater one if you’re being sponsored.

Mile of coins: Make a mile of coins around the church. Even a mile of pennies is over £6,000. Or build a tower of coins.

On your bike: Are you a keen cyclist? Ask your friends to join you on a sponsored bike ride. Make it an interesting route, with lots of refreshments on the way.

Patchwork quilt: If you and your friends are passionate about patchwork, why not get together and make a quilt? Then raffle it for USPG.

Quick repairs: Good at mending and got some time on your hands? Offer your services for small donations to USPG.

Quizzes: Quizzes are a sure winner because everyone loves the chance to show off their knowledge! Make it a fun event and offer drinks or light refreshments. Charge and entrance fee and award prizes. Here are some quiz ideas: Trivial Pursuits; local knowledge; soap operas; All our yesteryears (60s, 70s, 80s, etc); pop/music quiz.

Ready, steady, cook! Make your favourite dishes or cakes to sell to friends. Jams and preserves go down well too.

Sales: From jumble sales and car boot sales to sale of books or nearly new clothes, sales work because of the principal of mutual benefit: both parties gain. These types of sale are usually good earners, unless, of course, they are outside at the mercy of the weather. Don't forget the stall charges, entry fees and sales of refreshments. As few as four people can run a monthly sale, two general helpers, one looking after refreshments and another taking money on the door, not too arduous!

Sponsored 'anything': Sponsored events are always useful fundraising activities and they don't have to involve walking or running marathons! In fact, a sponsored event can involve almost any activity you care to think of, even knitting or painting. Here are just a few ideas: bike rides, rowing, rope slide, giving up smoking or drinking, horse riding, losing weight, longest moustache in a month, bushiest beard in a month, wall walking or abseiling, marathon darts, pram push, shaving heads/beards, longest shots at the local golf range, silence, swimming, keep fit, triathlon, dance marathon, wheelie bin challenge (this is an alternative bed push), go karting, do walking, toddle (for under-5s).

Teddy bears' picnic: For a small charge, invite neighbouring children and teddies (and adults) to a picnic. Give a prize for the best dressed teddy.

Use your church as a venue: Churches make excellent venues for lectures and discussions. Do you have a local celebrity?

‘X Factor’ talent competition: There are always people who will pay to display their amazing talents while everyone else will pay to have a laugh at them in action!

Fundraise for USPG as you shop online

Easyfundraising is a great way to raise money for USPG while you do your shopping – at no extra cost to you!

Whether shopping for groceries, car insurance, holidays or travel - or buying gifts for family and friends – you could be raising money to support the work of our church partners around the world with every purchase you make.

Register at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/uspganglicanmission and every time you shop online the retailer will make a donation to USPG – it really is easy!


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