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Your donations to our Rapid Response Fund go into a pot that we use to support church relief work in times of disaster or emergency.

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Our Rapid Response Fund provides the church with grants in times of emergency or natural disasters


Through our Rapid Response Fund, we are enabling Anglican Churches around the world to provide food, practical support and spiritual comfort in times of emergency.

Your donations build up our Rapid Response Fund so we have a pot of money out of which we can send grants as soon as disaster strikes.

We also offer you the opportunity to target your donation direct to a specific Rapid Response appeal.

In this way, we provided emergency funding following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, and the Japanese tsunami in 2011.

Currently we are running special Rapid Response emergency appeals for:

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

South Sudancese refugees in Ethiopia

The church in Egypt

Philippines typhoon of November 2013

We are in a unique position to help.

Rather than having to establish networks, Us can respond quickly by working with our existing church partners, ensuring that aid can be moved efficiently to communities in need – often those communities overlooked in large aid operations.

Local churches have an intimate understanding of local geography, politics and customs, which helps to ensure that aid can be distributed fairly and to those in most need - regardless of nationality or faith.

And when the television cameras disappear, the church is still there, working on rehabilitation programmes.



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The church is reaching out to refugees and migrants through the Diocese in Europe


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