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We are a Christian organisation rooted in the broad Anglican tradition

The Anglican Communion is a global network of national churches – and a precious gift for delivering positive change.

By working in direct partnership with local Anglican churches around the world, we are able to reach out to many people with the love of God – and see lives transformed.

In this way, USPG is different from an aid agency because we don't enter communities as outsiders. We are 'insiders'. We are part of the local church, [with access to local knowledge]. We energise and inspire people to realise their strengths. This is grassroots development.

But while our partners are predominantly Anglican, we also work ecumenically and with other faith communities for the benefit of all people, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, gender, age or sexuality.

We are a part of the 'broad' Anglican tradition. This means we acknowledge that many of life's big questions sit in a grey area where there are no easy answers.

Rather than try to give life a 'one size fits all' meaning, we prefer to create a safe space for discussion. We encourage people to share their views, ask questions, and listen to each other. As a result, people can be inspired to see life from a different perspective – from the perspective of their neighbour.

We are a global family. We are different people, with different backgrounds, so there is room in the USPG community for different points of view.

In today's world, there is often a pressure for views to be pinned down. But people are complex, so we believe there are no simple answers.

We live in the real world and know that tensions often arise. Our aim is to sit with these tensions – even when it is painful – and trust that, with God's grace, healing will follow.

This can be challenging work! It is often said that Anglicans are 'wishy washy', having no clear answers. But we believe that life is full of uncertainties, and it is more challenging to sit with tension than rush to find simple answers.


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Thilega Rajendran, Hatton

Sri Lanka

‘Thanks to the support of the church, I am now a teacher. I am very thankful.'

Thilega Rajendran, Hatton


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